Cloud sync

When using a cloud notebook, your data is synchronised to the Memonite server, but a copy will still be available in the browser's local storage, so that you can still use your notebook if you're offline.

Creating a Cloud Notebook

To create a cloud notebook, right-click on the navigation page and select "New Cloud Notebook" from the menu. This will open a new window containing your new cloud notebook.

⚠️ Remember to save the URL to your cloud notebook, either by bookmarking it, or by creating an external link from another notebook.


The changes are automatically synchronised to/from the backend if there is a connection.

It is possible for multiple people to collaborate on a notebook, but the system doesn't track who edited what. Collaborating on a single page doesn't work well and conflict resolution is not implemented, so you might lose some data if multiple people edit the same page at the same time.

Revision tracking

When using a cloud notebook, the backend automatically saves backups of all pages, and you can view older versions of a page and restore any older version.

Every single edit that reaches the backend is saved, but older revisions are progressively deleted, meaning you will see more revisions for recent edits, and less revisions for older edits. For example, you will see a revision for every minute for the last 10 minutes, and for every month for the last 10 months. For details see: Revision sweeping logic .

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