There are currently two ways to organise your pages:
  1. in a hierarchy

  2. creating links to other page


The hierarchy starts with the main page of the notebook. Any page can have any number of child pages.

You can create a child page with ⌘⇧C or via the drop-down menu.

You can easily move pages around by dragging it to the desired location in the navigation pane.

Pressing the "+" icon at the top of the navigation pane or using the shortcut ⌘⇧X inserts a page as the first child of the main page. This is useful when you quickly want to write down something and you don't want to spend time finding where to put it; you can move it into the right location after it's written down.


You can insert a link to an existing page with ⌘⇧L.

To create a new page and insert a link to it, use ⌘⇧I. This will create a new child page, but you can move it to any other location afterwards if needed.

To create an external link, either simply paste a URL, or select some text and paste the URL, which will turn the selected text into a link. You can edit the URL with ⌘E.

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